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The Fame Game

The Fame Game - Lauren Conrad Laguna Beach and The Hills star, Lauren Conrad, pens her fourth novel about what she knows best: reality TV. The Fame Game, first in a new series, follows Madison Parker, as she embarks on her new show, the eponymous Fame Game. Madison should be a familiar face to those who read Conrad’s first series, L.A. Candy. Madison is joined by former costar Gaby, “celebuspawn” and aspiring actress Carmen Curtis, and Midwest singer-song writer Kate Hayes as they all try to make it to the top. Filled with the back stabbing and bitching familiar to reality TV enthusiasts, this book gives you a peak at their lives on and off camera. But in reality TV, not all is as it seems to be. The girls are at the beck and call of producers who will do anything to score ratings.While the girls COULD be sympathetic characters, the wooden dialogue and hollow writing didn’t allow me to connect nor empathize. While I was mildly curious about whether or not the girls would be successful, most of the time I was too frustrated and/or bored to really care by the time I reached what little resolution there was. While I admittedly haven’t read any of the LA Candy novels, I imagine fans of Conrad’s other works (written or otherwise) will probably enjoy this book. As for me, maybe I’ll just go for Wikipedia spoilers once the series is complete to find out what happens.I received this book from the publisher through Goodreads "First Reads" program. I received no compensation for this review