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Summer of Fear

Summer of Fear - Lois Duncan I've been inspired to read a bunch of books from my childhood. During jr. high I went on a major Lois Duncan kick, including the nonfiction work about her daughter's murder. Rereading Summer of Fear instantly made me feel like I was 13 again... the good part of 13 of course.Rachel is your typical teenager, discovering love, planning a great summer, and then her family gets the bad news. Enter cousin Julia who throws the proverbial wrench into the works. But no one believes Rachel when she starts to suspect that said cousin is not who she claims to be. I can't remember how many time I've read books or watched movies with basically the same plot, but it never seems to get old.This book isn't high brow literature, but it is entertaining, well written and maybe, just maybe (ok, most likely) my fond memories are adding a certain rose colored light to it. Give it a read. It won't hurt you and it's quick.