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Sovay - Celia Rees Sovay, you tricky devil you. You kept promising me a fascinating story that took place during a dramatic time period, and you were always beyond my reach. Then I reached the end and I realized your promises were shallow. I was looking for an exciting adventure while Sovay tried to save her family's reputation from accusations of treason. I guess there was some of that, but I don't know if exciting is an apt description. It was more slow and drawn out. Being a young adult novel I expected some romance. By the third male that had been described as appealing, attractive, pick your positive adjective I was laughing to myself. Oh and don't forget that Sovay is the most beautiful girl and all these men are in her thrall. By the time some real romance was to be found I was so tired of it all and ready to toss my book at the wall.Finally, once again about the pace, I read and slogged my way through these pages. I kept expecting something to happen, but really it just kept going. Then suddenly, without warning, everything rushed to a quick and rather uninspired end. Sovay had great promise, but sadly just couldn't quite meet my expectations.